3 days Fishing Trip to Soudan Bank

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Your 3 days Journey to Soudan Bank on board our Professional Fishing Boat

Experience guaranteed catches and endless excitements while fishing on a professional fishing boat in the one among the abundant places in Mauritius Marine for deep sea fishing!

Why fishing at Soudan Bank? The answer is simple, guaranteed catch and endless excitement!

Soudan Bank is a 20 km Plato under the water approximately 50 – 60 meters, with surrounded depth about 3000m. Structure and current flow allows different kind of fish groups together.

The Soudan Bank is located 100 Nautical Miles North East of Mauritius. It is more than 30 Square kilometers and has a depth average of 50 meters and up to 25 meters on the peak.

In addition to it, it would be no exaggeration to say it is a best place for fishing in the region .You can expect amazing surprises when fishing these waters.

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