Mauritius Aquarium

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Visit of Mauritius Aquarium

Situated in the charming small village in the North West of Mauritius, the Mauritius Aquarium is home to a large number of species including over 150 species of fish, invertebrates and live corals originating from the waters around the island.

Additional Information about the Mauritius Aquarium

The Mauritius Aquarium offers a unique experience through five well laid out principal buildings surrounded by a tropical garden, that allow you to discover the rich aquatic life which inhabits the coastal waters of Mauritius. The various species of marine life are grouped in well-lit tanks and pools which makes it possible to observe, at eye-level, the endless ballet enacted by our island surrounding ecosystem.

You will get to see the Crown squirrelfish and the Devil Firefish as well as a number of sharks. Also, get ready to see neon bright, glowing yellows, fluorescent greens, purples and other amazing colors you probably didn’t believe could be found in any marine wildlife.

The complex also includes the refreshing Coral Café and a well-appointed Gift Shop, to help make your visit to the Mauritius Aquarium, a pleasant experience.


Opening Hours

  • All Days 9:30 to 17:00

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