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Big Cats Drive Thru in Mauritius (Casela Park)

Join the only Safari Big Cats Drive Thru in Mauritius and meet the lions, tigers and caracals at the famous Casela Park!

The Casela Park is famous for its big cats, and the Big Cats Drive Thru presents a wonderful opportunity to photograph lions, caracals and tigers.

During the activity, the park’s guide will provide interesting information on the big cats, their behavior and habitat while also sharing their own personal experience on working alongside these remarkable animals.

The Big Cats Drive thru makes for a thrilling and exciting day out during your holiday in Mauritius and a must do when visiting the Casela park. It will surely add an African touch to the visit of the Casela Park.

About the Casela World of Adventures

The Mauritius Casela Park is a real nature and adventure park. It is located besides the Rempart Mountain on the South-West of Mauritius offering magnificent views of the countryside rolling down the west coast of Mauritius.

Additional activities offered at the Park

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  • Monday to Saturday09:00 - 17:00

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