Day Trip To Ile Aux Cocos (Rodrigues Island)

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A perfect day of relaxation on Ile aux Cocos Island!

Welcome to Ile aux Cocos Island!

Ile Aux Cocos is one of the most visited and most valuable treasures of Rodrigues Island. Undeniably with its rare sea birds and magnificent beaches, many people remain astonish when first seeing this beautiful island.

While walking along the island’s beaches, you will experience calm and peaceful place, free from constraint of the life trend.


  • The duration of the entire trip is of about 7 hours of which you will get to spend about 3-4 hours on the island. The rest of the time is dedicated for the sailing to and from the island.
  • As part of this trip you will enjoy selection of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and delicious BBQ seafood lunch
  • Due to the low tide during winter, the boat often cannot reach all the way to the Island and thus some walking is required to reach all the way to the island’s main beach
  • What to bring – Sun cream, sun glasses, hat
  • Minimum of 2 Persons Required for this trip

Transportation (Optional): when booking this trip, in case you will be interested, we shall be very happy to cater for you the transportation service from any hotel/place of accommodation in Rodrigues Island.

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