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Mauritius, the gem of the South Indian Ocean invites you for an extraordinary scuba diving experience in one of the safest regions where you can enjoy warm sea temperatures, clear visibility and a vibrant ecosystem all year round!

We offer diving trips to the following popular north coast diving sites:

  • Aquarium (depth:10-18m)
  • Temple (depth: 9-15m)
  • Stephen Cliff (depth: 8-12m)
  • Coral garden (depth: 10-21m)
  • Poison Reef (depth: 7-12m)
  • Whale Rock (depth: 18-38m)
  • Lost Anchor (depth: 19-31m)
  • Stenopus Reef (depth: 18-31m)
  • Stella Maru (depth: 14-25m)
  • Emily and Water Lily (depth: 14-25m)
  • Silver Star (depth: 26-41m)
  • Flat Island (depth: 8-15m)
  • Confetti Bay (depth: 10-22m)
  • Iabeddah Wreck (depth: 16-32m)
  • The Tube (depth: 7-11m)
  • Black Forest (depth: 35-50m)

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