DodoQuest – Escape Rooms Adventure

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The Dodoquest offers you a real situation of adventures, amusements, entertainment, and mind boggling puzzles to solve.

You have 59 minutes to find objects, solve puzzles, and unlock all the locks to set you free. Bring your family, co-workers, lover and friends to enjoy an incredible adventure in Mauritius. Use your logic, tactics, and strategies to find the exit and complete the ultimate challenge!

So what it’s all about? Dodoquest is an adventure game basically an ‘escape quest’, inspired by unique scenarios of Mauritian colonial history. It offers you an extraordinary experience to teleport you into the past! You will be placed in a game situation under a themed room, which has authentic design, with dramatic sound effects, interactive objects and special smells to give you a real game sensation.

With Dodoquest, will not only have a fun and exciting time but you will get to discover about the colonial history of Mauritius and nature. You will also have a thrilling experience to break through the prison in search for treasure!

  • Maximum of Participant: 2-5 players
  • Age limit: 8-99 years old; 8-14 years old will be accompanied by their parents
  • Included: Fresh water and beverages; bracelets are provided according to the chosen theme.
  • Operating Hours: 10.00am – 20.00pm
  • Operating Days: Monday-Sunday (including public holidays)
  • Duration: 15 Min preparation + 59 minutes of play time to solve a room puzzle.
  • Duration of the Complete DodoQuest 3 rooms game package: The duration of the complete game package of all 3 rooms together is of about 4 hours, consisting of 3 x 59 minutes of game play, preparation time and free time between the games.
  • Activity Time: Room 1 & 3: 10.00 am; 11.30 am; 02.30 pm; 04.00 pm; 05.30 pm; 07.00 pm. Room 2: 10.30 am; 12.00 pm; 1.30 pm; 3.00 pm; 4.30 pm; 06.00 pm; 07.30 pm

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Opening Hours

  • All Days - 10:00 - 20:00
  • Duration - 59 mins

Listing Information

Dodo Quest, Moka, Mauritius
(23,66 km) Moka