Domaine Des Aubineaux

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Visit & Tour To Domaine Des Aubineaux

Visiting the Domaine des Aubineaux is the first step to taking the Mauritian Tea Route.

You will visit the “Domaine des Aubineaux” and its gardens, a colonial house built in 1872, which has been converted into a museum dedicated to the history of Mauritian Tea.

A guide will walk you around during your visit, and will guide you on the history, stories and tales of the “Domaine des Aubineaux” and of the importance of tea production in Mauritius.

It is a trip that will take you back in time to the first days of Mauritius with its rich colonial history.

You will discover, amongst others, antique furniture dating back to “Compagnie des Indes” (17th century) and a great collection of photos of colonial houses which have been demolished. Also, you will find several displays explaining the important role that the tea industry played in the island throughout time.

While strolling in the “Camphor tree garden”, take a look at the divers

You will end your tour with a visit to the famous Tea room, enjoying the buffet while ity of exotic plants as well as of the trees of the endemic forest, and enjoy the beautiful sights of the tea plantation and of the breathtaking nature all around.taking a break.


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  • Monday to Sunday (including public holidays)9:00 to 17:00

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