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About the Ebony Forest Discovery Tour

Spend the day hiking and strolling along the trails & tracks or view the splendor of the Ebony Forest while cruising in a jeep.

As you make your way through the forest, you will get to admire the native fauna of Mauritius, such as fruit bats, swiftlets and tropicbirds soaring high along the mountains’ ridgeline. If you are a keen bird watcher, you will be able to spot the endemic birds such as the Mauritius Paradise Flycatcher, Mauritian Black Bulbul and grey-white eyes. The two mid-canopy walkways through the Ebony Forest will give you the surreal sensation of floating through one of the best-preserved forests on the island.

Should you choose to wander along the trails on your own, you will encounter informative signs to guide the way. There are several forest trails which are not particularly difficult and have benches along the way, should you wish to rest and take in the amazing beauty of the place. When you reach the Flycatcher Raised Walkway, you will then be accompanied by a guide for a 30-minute tour, where you will learn more about the forest and the species that inhabit it. After the guided tour, you may resume exploring the forest at your own pace and eventually head for the Sublime Point.

The Sublime Point offers a breathtaking view of Le Morne Brabant and the surrounding bays

ou can also, opt for a jeep trip in the forest, where you will be picked up at the departure point and driven through the forest to the Flycatcher Raised Walkway. A guide will accompany you for a 30-minute guided tour, before you return the jeep and resume your ride to the Sublime Point.

The Sublime Point has a short walkway where at the end of the bridge, you will reach a platform that allows you to contemplate on excellent panoramic views of the island, including the southwestern, western and central plateau regions.

Ebony Forest Trails

Ebony Forest Trails

Ridgeline Trail

This trail runs along the mountain top. To the west, you will see Le Morne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Île aux Benitiers, while to the east you will see the south-east coastline and the different plant restoration sites. From there, you can either walk down from Sublime Point, or up from the Flycatcher Raised Walkway. This is a relatively gentle trail of 1.1 km and is expected to take 30 minutes at average pace.


The Ebony Forest museum is where you can witness 8 million years of the island’s history, including the history of the unique animals and plants that inhabited Mauritius. The museum provides an overview as from the volcanic eruption millions of years ago, to the flora & fauna that inhabited our island including how man’s actions have ultimately destroyed the island’s unique environment.

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