Glass Bottom Boat To Blue Bay Marine Park

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Enjoy a Glass Bottom Boat trip to Blue Bay including snorkeling at the Blue Bay Marine Park

The Blue Bay marine park, situated on the South East coast of Mauritius near Mahebourg, is one of the best places to see the beautiful marine life and to go for snorkeling in Mauritius.

The total area of the Marine Park is 353 hectares; it includes the lagoon and extends about one kilometer seaward from the reef crest.

Once you reach the bay of Blue Bay Marine Park, you will feast your eyes on some of the bluest waters and most breathtaking white sandy beaches you will ever see. When you see the turquoise blue color of the lagoon you will understand where the name comes from. The colors of the sea are incredible and are of variety of many different blues.

Departure point: From Blue Bay
Duration: 1:15 hours
Activity Time: Flexible; between 8.30am and 4.00pm

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Blue Bay Marine Park, Blue Bay, Mauritius