Kestrel Feeding Tour at Vallée de Ferney

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The Kestrel Feeding Tour is an excellent opportunity for you to explore the Mauritian flora and fauna whilst also encountering the island’s only bird of prey, the Mauritius Kestrel. During the tour, you will also get the amazing chance to feed the bird.

The tour will start at La Vallée de Ferney Visitor’s Corner, where you will have to sign documents pertaining to your visit, followed by a briefing of the tour. Usual safety measures include the use of adapted walking shoes, use of mosquito repellent, drinking plenty of water during the trek, keeping mobiles and pagers off when in the forest as well as no littering and no damaging to the animals and plants. After the brief, transport will be provided for you to reach the starting point of the hike.


About the Kestrel Feeding Tour

  • 09h30: Arrival at La Vallée de Ferney Visitor’s Corner
  • 09h35: Signature of documents
  • 09h40: Briefing of the visit
  • 09h50: Bus or 4×4 Departure to starting point
  • 10h00: Hike Starts
  • 11h55: Arrival on “Kestrel Feeding” Spot
  • 12h00: Kestrel Feeding
  • 12h30: Bus or 4×4 Departure
  • 12h45: Arrival at Visitor’s Corner


  • 13h00: Lunch at Falaise Rouge or “La Caze Farata”

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Opening Hours

  • All Days - 09:30 - 12:30

Listing Information

La Vallée de Ferney, Vieux Grand Port, Mauritius