Kogi Kogi Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Kogi Kogi restaurant brings you Authentic Korean Food, Kimchi and Soju. The Kogi Kogi team takes pride in serving customers nutritional and well-prepared dishes with true Korean flavors using quality ingredients.

The restaurant will sweep you off your feet with mouth-watering recipes such as the o-so-famous Kimchi and other authentic Korean dishes such as the Hot Stone Bibimbap, the Sundubu-jjigae and the Samgyeopsal. The menu also offers a variety of meat, such as beef, pork and chicken, which can be grilled right in front of you at your very own dining table.

The dedicated staff ensure that each customer receives prompt, professional and courteous service, while maintaining a clean and relaxed setting for you to have a wonderful time at Kogi Kogi. The restaurant also has a dedicated kids’ play room and happens to be one of the preferred family restaurants in this part of the island.

Drop in to discover the Korean culture and the exquisite flavors of authentic Korean food.

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  • Car Parking
  • Child seats
  • A La Carte
  • Take away
  • Suitable for handicapped

Kogi Kogi Authentic Korean Food, Grand Baie

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Opening Hours

  • Tuesday - Sunday : 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

Listing Information

Kogi Kogi Korean BBQ Restaurant, Twenty-Foot Road, Grand Baie, Mauritius