Le Crocodile Affamé (The Hungry Crocodile) Restaurant

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The Crocodile Affamé Restaurant (Hungry Crocodile Restaurant) is part of La Vanille Nature Park, located in the South of Mauritius.

The La Vanille Park is a picturesque and idyllic nature reserve of luxuriant greenery.  It is home to various species of animals, reptiles and plants including the famous crocodiles and giant tortoises.

At the restaurant you will find an exotic range of Mauritians dishes, Crocodiles meat and various drinks and snacks. Make sure to try their specialties dishes made with crocodile meat. Many say that crocodile meat is similar to the taste of chicken, but there’s nothing like trying it out firsthand.

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  • Internet
  • Free WiFi
  • Car Parking
  • A La Carte
  • Option for Sitting outside/Garden
  • Suitable for handicapped
  • Child friendly

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  • Everyday : 11:15 am - 04:00 pm

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