Mauritius Mountain Peaks – Helicopter Tour

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Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring views of the majestic Mountain Peaks of Mauritius through a helicopter tour!

Witness the real beauty of Mauritius by a helicopter tour up above the marvelous land and seascapes! Mauritius, being of a volcanic origin has so much of its natural wonders to offer; from the remnants of its millions of thousands years old of volcanoes to its plateaus, plains, calderas, magnificent reliefs, canyons, and many other spectacular geological features. Besides the breathtaking turquoise-blue ocean and white sandy beaches, discover a whole new world of panoramic scenic landscapes teeming with life. The scenic South and East parts of Mauritius are bestowed with majestic and verdant Mountains such as Le Pouce, Black River Peak, and Pieter Both-a real feast for the eyes!

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