The Curious Corner of Chamarel

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The Curious Corner

Located just opposite the 7 colored earth entrance in the Chamarel village on the west of the island, with an impounding façade, on a winding hilly road, it is a house filled with a variety of astounding delusional fantasies.

Constructed passionately by a team of thrilling professionals, with the main aim to surprise their visitors, curious minds with mythical thoughts. Curious Corner is surely out to surprise you in every sense of the way, with just under 40 exhibits set over the 5,000sq meters.

Curious Corner is a house of fun packed illusions with adventures to be enjoyed with friends and families which are set out for your entertainment or even frustration.

It is a fascinating, fun and social excursion into the wonderful world of optical illusions, which will leave you quite literally, not believing your eyes!

• “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein

Some of the attractions at Curious Corner guaranteed to give your mind a wobble.

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  • All Days 9.30 to 17.00

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