Vallée des Couleurs

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Visit Mauritius’ unique Vallée des Couleurs

La Vallee des Couleurs Reserve is home to various species of flora and fauna and a great place to enjoy selection of nature trips and fun activities.

Nature lovers are bound to like this place; it is quite a unique experience with the indigenous fauna and flora that abound in the park.

Visitors are treated with a range of natural landscapes, including plateaus, mountains, valleys, craters and crater-lakes

A visit to Vallée des Couleurs

The visit to the reserve includes: the visit of Green valleys, Plateaus, Hills, Lakes, Waterfalls, Rivers, Volcanic ashes, 23 Coloured Earth, endemic and Indigenous Flora and fauna and access to the many facilities of the reserve such as the Kids Garden, Cafeteria and the restaurant.

The 23 Coloured Earth

The origin of the 23 Coloured Earth dates back to millions of years after the volcanic eruption of the Bassin Blanc!

It is a phenomenon arising from volcanic activity and mineral deposits; totally unique to this one beautiful spot on earth.

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