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A unique 3 hours experience of watching whales in their natural surroundings!

It is a unique whales activity done on a speed boat.

The whale watching trip is a unique opportunity to explore the spectacular lives of these magnificent marine mammals in their natural aquatic habitat.

Encountering whales, is an incredibly moving experiences.
It will bring you into contact with strikingly beautiful scenery, unspoiled landscapes and wonderful animals.

Whale watching is an outing in which you will go further out to sea and the number of encounters you will have will depend a lot on weather and sea conditions. If the sea is rough, it will be more difficult to see the whales.

When you see the whales, the sight is unbelievable. Everyone has their own way of describing this incredible sight. Sometimes instead of the usual outbursts, it is the deafening silence of being lost for words as you hear the enormous humpback whale take one last breath before a dive.

Once you get on board the speed boat, and before the boat heads to its destination in the deep sea, the skipper will brief you on the experience you are about to have.

The briefing will also include such aspects as

  • Types of whales which you will encounter
  • Whales habits
  • Guidelines for successful whale watching
  • Security measures on the boat

The Whale Watching offers a rewarding, educational, therapeutic and amazing experience for everyone!

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